YouTuber Chris Crocker Inks TV Deal

Posted on September 20, 2007

Chris Crocker quickly became one of the most well-known YouTubers when his Leave Britney Alone video hit the mainstream. Crocker's video defense of Britney's troubled performance at the VMAs has received over 8 million views. It was so popular that it was even parodied by actor Seth Green. Now Variety is reporting that Crocker has signed a deal with 44 Blue Productions that could result in Crocker's own tv show. CNET's The Social blog says Crocker was on 44 Blue's radar before his popular Britney video.

But don't hold your breath. That impassioned young fellow is Chris Crocker, a 19-year-old from Tennessee whose 15 minutes (seconds?) of fame just might not quite be over: Variety is reporting that a television production company, 44 Blue Productions, has inked a deal with him for a potential TV show. It's not totally serendipitous, as the entertainment site explained that Crocker has actually had a sizeable MySpace following for some time now, and that he's been on 44 Blue's radar for almost a year.
It isn't surprising that 44 Blue has been following him. Chris Crocker has been making popular videos on YouTube long before he became famous for the "Leave Britney Alone" video. He has a pretty funny video about MySpace's top friends lists here. Crocker's channel has over 51,000 subscribers. If Crocker gets his tv show and it is a success he might even be able to make popular celebrity blogger Perez Hilton a little jealous.

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