Down For Maintenance

Posted on August 18, 2006

YouTube says it is down for maintenance and has posted the following message, "We are releasing a couple of new things and doing some maintenance. We'll be back in a bit." was down for a six hour unplanned outage earlier this week. A blogger at MLM Forums noticed this latest down time and wrote, "Lately, it seems everytime I am going to check out a few new videos at YouTube they are down for maintenance. Today they are saying that they will be back in a bit with a couple of new things, that sounds interesting. I sure hope that one of the new things is something to keep them from going down evertime that I want to visit them."

It will be interesting to see what the "couple of new things" are that YouTube is busy working on.

Update: Download Squad has discovered what the YouTube maintenance downtime was all about. It is a couple interesting upgrades. These upgrades include better URLs for YouTube users and YouTube Music. YouTube is currently the third most popular video site according to a Media Metrix study. They rank behind Yahoo Videos and MySpace videos.

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