Winston-Salem Journal Launches Vegetarian Blog

Posted on September 21, 2006, the Winston-Salem Journal's online newspaper, has launched a vegetarian blog using Google's Blogger service. The new blog is called Veggin' Out. The bloggers say Winston-Salem is not known as a veggie city. They say there is not even on vegetarian restaurant. Thankfully, blogging allows newspapers to cover niche topics that may not be in the mainstream.

The bloggers also say it is getting better for vegetarians every day in Winston-Salem.

We know that Winston-Salem isn't the most veg-friendly place in the universe -- it doesn't have even one fully vegetarian restaurant - but things are getting better all the time. There is plenty out there for vegs in the know. So the idea of this blog is to share the places, tips, ideas, recipes, products, and so on, that get us all excited.
Some of the first topics covered on the blog include tofu, enchiladas and the spinach E.coli crisis.

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