Will Former President Clinton Step In as Mediator?

Posted on November 8, 2007

Ray Richmond reports (link no longer available) that he has it from a highly-placed source that former President Bill Clinton is interested as acting as an impartial negotiator between the WGA and the studios. He also California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appears to have made a decision to stay out of the picture.

It is quite odd that Governor Schwarzenegger is keeping mum on the writers' strike. No doubt he has his reasons for staying out of it -- at least for now. And we haven't heard any rumors that he is secretly talking to either of the parties. As for former President Clinton getting involved, we think it's a great idea. Anything to get the parties back to the table is a good thing. He has enough status to get the parties -- especially the AMPTP -- to put aside their differences and hammer out a deal before the economic impact becomes devastating.

The AMPTP has steadfastly refused to allow the Los Angeles mayor to step in as a mediator, but he's only a mayor of one of the country's largest cities. This is an ex-President. If this rumor is true and the AMPTP turns down this amazing offer, it will make them look really, really unreasonable.

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