Wikipedia's War on Blogs Continues as Matt Cutts' Page is Targeted for Deletion

Posted on January 9, 2007

We first mentioned Wikipedia's war on blogs before in a post on December 7th when Tony Pierce's Wikipedia page was up for deletion. Pierce's page survived an initial round but was eventually deleted during a second round.

In our earlier post we referred to a Wikipedia entry by an obnoxious Wikipedia user named Timecop that declares a war on blogs. Tony Pierce has more on this user here.

Wikipedia's war on blogs did not stop with Tony Pierce's entry. Danny Sullivan reports that now blogger Matt Cutts' Wikipedia page is up for deletion. Some of the Wikipedia users seem determined to eradicate as many of the blogger pages on Wikipedia as possible.

You would think they would be more considerate considering how frequently many bloggers mention and link to Wikipedia. Maybe some of these ungrateful Wikipedia users get their kicks by deleting bloggers' pages because they know it will lead to criticism and complaints from bloggers. Wikipedia should not have deleted Bloggie Award winner and LAist editor Tony Pierce's page and they should not delete Matt Cutts' page either. Danny Sullivan explains why Matt Cutts passes Wikipedia's notability criteria guidelines in this open letter.

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