Writers Guild of America East to Try Joan Rivers for Violating Writers' Strike

Posted on July 12, 2013

The Council of the Writers Guild of America, East is convening a three person trial board to judge the charged filed against lifetime WGAE member, comedienne Joan Rivers. So what's Joan in the dock for? She's being charged with violating the writers' strike on the E! show Fashion Police. The WGAE alleges that Joan has been writing and acting as showrunner for the show, in violation of WGAE rules.

Writers Guild members have been on strike against Fashion Police since April 17, 2013. The writers say they are paid only a fraction of industry-standard compensation and receive no health or pension benefits.

Joan will be able to defend herself at the hearing and the striking writers will be able to present evidence against her. "We are distressed by reports that Joan Rivers, who worked so hard to create an illustrious career, turned her back on other writers who are still building careers of their own," said Michael Winship, WGAE President in a statement. "The question of whether she has, in fact, violated our working rules will be decided by the trial board. We cannot pre-judge the outcome, but we can say that it is a very serious matter when a member is accused of writing and showrunning on a non-covered show, and continuing to do so after the other writers have decided to go on strike for reasonable pay and benefits." We have no idea what happens to you if you are found guilty by the WGA judges, but we're sure it's dire.

In this video, the striking writers talk about how disappointed in Joan and their shock that she does not support them in their struggle to get a fair contract with E! Network. They are really upset and remember, these are writers, not actors. Take a look:

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