WebProBlog Launches With Email Newsletter Advice

Posted on November 11, 2005

WebProBlog is a new blog from iEntry, Inc. CEO Rich Ord. iEntry is the publisher of WebProNews.com, an ebusiness news website, and other ebusiness newsletters and online publications. He described the topics he will cover in his opening post.

Today I launched my blog ... WebProBlog. It's focus is on eBusiness strategies and trends from my perspective as CEO of iEntry, Inc. and as a early internet entrepreneur. Frequent topics will include internet advertising, email marketing, search engines, eBusiness strategies and commentary on news we cover at WebProNews.

We have been involved with blogs for quite a while here at iEntry. I guess it's about time I jumped into the blogger mix myself. What really inspired me were the re-publishing relationships we started approximately 1 year ago. This has been a feature that has been very popular with our WebProNews readers.

By his fourth entry Rich Ord is giving blog advice and he says every blog should have a newsletter: "For every blog there should be a well produced HTML email newsletter available." MarketingSherpa.com has also warned marketers not to drop email newsletters for RSS. There will be an enormous amount of email newsletters if every blogger follows this advice but there are bound to be at least a small percentage of readers who prefer email delivery to RSS. Some RSS aggregators like Newsgator's Email Edition do have an RSS by email option. Blog publishers that don't want to deal with email newsletters could tell their readers about tools like this.

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