Walter Mosley Forms Production Company to Make Films of His Books

Posted on May 3, 2012

Walter Mosley has shelves full of bestselling novels and stories, many of which have been made into films. But many have not, so Mosley has has teamed up with producer Diane Houslin to launch a new production company, B.O.B. Filmhouse (Best of Brooklyn Filmhouse). The company will focus on making feature films and movies out of Mosley's more than 39 novels and stories.

Mosley explained the decision in a statement, "In Diane Houslin I've found the perfect partner. Her experience is invaluable and offers a good balance to what I can bring to the conversation. This is a time of such great change in the business -- from how we tell stories to where our readers and audiences find them -- that I am excited to be a part of the whole process."

Mosley met veteran television producer Diane Houslin during her tenure at HBO when Mosley's novel Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned was turned into a movie starring Laurence Fishburne. Houslin has has executive produced and produced numerous television series and documentaries for broadcast and cable, including the award-winning ESPN Films' Through the Fire.

The duo is wasting no time. Mosley is already writing the pilot for The Long Fall for HBO. The potential series is based on Mosley's Leonid McGill novels. Two other projects are in the pipeline with John Wells Productions: Fearless Jones, based on Mosley's comic mystery series and Easy Rawlins, the star of ten of Mosley's bestselling novels.

B.O.B. is also developing a feature film based on Mosley's psychological thriller, Man in My Basement. Anthony Mackie is attached to the project to star. Mosley will co-write the screenplay with Cheo Hodari Coker. No director has been attached to the project yet.

Mosley's newest book is All I Did Was Shoot My Man. (Riverhead Books).

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