Translators Working on Dan Brown's Inferno Kept Locked in Publisher's High-Security Basement for Days

Posted on May 10, 2013

Security has been extraordinarily tight for Ban Brown's upcoming novel, Inferno, which will be released on May 14. Dan Brown's publishers wanted the book to be published in multiple languages simultaneously, so they hired several translators. The Independent reports that the translators were locked in the basement of Mondadori's headquarters in Milan where high security procedures were enacted to keep any text from the book leaking online.

Here are some of the security procedures involved in translating Inferno:

It almost sounds as if Dan Brown came up with this security protocol himself. The Independent says the experience was highly unusual for translators, who usually work alone. However, one translator enjoyed the experience and said the high-security bunker had a "playground atmosphere" by the end. Inferno has not leaked online, so it must have been a success.

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