Teens and Media

Teenagers use social media and the Internet in their own unique ways. They have been some negative side effects, such as cyberbullying. On the positive side, today's teens can quickly access more information than any previous generation of teens. We also cover teen trends in books, literature and literacy.

Here is the latest teen news from Writers Write:

  • Fault in Our Stars Author John Green Denies Being a Teen Whisperer (2014-06-10): John Green, the author of The Fault in Our Stars, is being called the teen whisperer which he finds to be creepy. The movie has already raked in $70 million.

  • Thirteen Judy Blume Novels to be Released as Ebooks (2012-03-12): Today's teens can now experience Judy Blume's famous novels in ebook versions.

  • Elizabeth Berkley to Offer Advice for Teens in New Book (2010-04-13):

  • Now Teens Can Learn The Secret (2009-08-03): Rhonda Byrne's self-help bestseller The Secret is being made into a teen version, The Secret to Teen Power.

  • Non-Profit Group Uses Social Networks to Help Teens Fight Depression (2008-09-13):

  • What Teens are Reading This Summer (2008-07-02):

  • Mom and Dad Still May Want to Be Your Facebook Friend (2008-03-09): Mom and dad like to friend their children on Facebook. This is leading to the departure of some teens from the service.

  • Study Finds Young Adults Not Following the News (2007-07-16):

  • Gaia Online: An Escape For Teens (2007-04-23):

  • Lost MySpace Passwords Not a Concern For Some Teens (2007-01-11):

  • Games Make Teens Drive Badly? (2007-01-03):

  • Teens Seek Social Networks With Less Rules (2007-01-02):

  • Some Teens Bored of MySpace (2006-10-29):

  • 12-Year-Old Runs Popular Sports Blog (2006-09-03):

  • Study: 22% of College Students Blog (2006-08-05):

  • MySpace Purges 200,000 Profiles (2006-03-31):

  • School Fails to Block Students From Blogs, MySpace (2006-03-27):

  • College Admissions Officers Read Blogs and MySpace (2006-03-26):

  • Marketing Article Suggests Advertising Reach Teens in Games (2006-01-11):

  • WSJ Suggests Keylogging Software to Snoop on Blogging Teens (2005-11-30):

  • Concerns Over Teen Blogging Continue (2005-11-25):

  • Blogging is a Way of Life for Teens (2005-11-01):

  • Kids + Blogs = OK (2005-07-28):

  • 87% of Teens Used Internet in 2004 (2005-07-27):

  • Teenagers Blog Away Without Parent's Knowledge (2005-05-02):

  • Theglobe.com and AOL Announce Teen Content Deal (2005-02-07):

  • Busy Teens Want More Time to Read (2000-10-10):