Fault in Our Stars Author John Green Denies Being a Teen Whisperer

Posted on June 10, 2014

John Green, the author of the bestselling YA novel The Fault in Our Stars, has been dubbed "The Teen Whisperer" for his ability to inspire legions of fans to turn out to buy his books and go to theaters. The film version of the book about two teen cancer patients who fall in love stars Shailene Woodley. It has has already made $70 million worldwide on a budget of $12 million. In its opening weekend in the U.S. it beat Tom Cruise's very well-reviewed sf thriller Edge of Tomorrow.

Green is not contracted to do publicity for the film, but he has been anyway as he is a huge draw on the red carpet for teens who follow him on his popular Youtube account. In this clip, Green talks about his new nickname. He seems taken aback by the term, calling it "creepy" like he whispers things to teens or something.

Take a look:

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