Neil Gaiman Guest Stars on The Simpsons in The Book Job

Posted on December 3, 2011

Still from The Simpsons - The Book Job

Neil Gaiman did a hilarious guest starring role on The Simpsons. The episode, called "The Book Job," is all about the seedy world of young adult fiction. When Lisa Simpson discovers that her favorite series is actually written by a team of pill-popping lit majors who work at a corporate conglomerate that churns out formulaic novels, she is devastated.

But Homer sees a big opportunity. He assembles a gang of writers and decides to make a million writing a teen-lit novel that will sell big. He assembles a team Ocean's Eleven style, with the help of Neil Gaiman. Now they must pull a fast one on publisher Andy Garcia, of TweetLit, Inc. It's clever, cynical and really, really funny. Be sure to watch for all the gags contained in the book titles.

You can view some clips from the episode on the Simpson's World site.

Photo: Fox

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