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Here are the latest posts about Podcasts on Writers Write:

  • Yahoo Shuttering Podcast Resource (2007-09-27): Read/Write Web reports that Yahoo is shuttering its podcast resource located at podcasts.

  • Print Magazine for Bloggers and Podcasters Launches (2007-04-24): There is a new print magazine called Blogger & Podcaster Magazine.

  • Educational and Offbeat Podcasts Popular (2007-03-25): USA Today has an article about how people are using podcasts to learn more about some very specific topics like "Lectures on Byzantine emperors" and "Five-minute drills on grammar.

  • Study Finds Podcast Use Slowly Rising (2006-11-22): The AP reports that podcast use is rising.

  • PodShow Raises Another $15 Million (2006-09-30): PodShow, Inc.

  • MechMuse Launches Free Audio Magazine (2006-09-28): MechMuse Ltd.

  • Starbucks Launches a Podcast (2006-09-08): Starbucks has launched a podcast called Coffee Conversations.

  • Harry Potter and the Podcaster's Stone (2006-09-04): 17-year-old Andrew Sims has become a podcasting star with his weekly Harry Potter podcast called MuggleCast that reaches 45,000 weekly listeners.

  • Nielsen Netratings Says 9.2 Million Have Downloaded a Podcast (2006-07-12): Podcasting News reports on a new study from Nielsen//NetRatings that shows over 9 million people have recently downloaded an audio pocast.

  • Robert Scoble Leaves Microsoft for PodTech.net (2006-06-11): Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft to work at a start-up company called PodTech.

  • Audio Version of Colbert's Speech Tops iTunes (2006-05-22): The New York Times reports that an audio version of Stephen Colbert's WHCA speech has topped the charts on iTunes.

  • Waxxi Offers Interactive Podcasting (2006-05-07): Waxxi is a new company founded by Tracy Sheridan that will soon be offering interactive podcasts.

  • Forrester: Podcast Usage Just 1% But Growth Expected (2006-04-06): Charlene Li at Forrester Research blogs about their new report that shows only 1% of North American online households regularly listen to podcasts.

  • Podcast by Phone With Gcast (2006-03-09): Gcast is a new free podcasting service from the people that created the popular GarageBand.

  • Pastors at Evangelical Churches Jump on Blogs and Podcasts (2006-02-25): The Boston Herald reports that pastors at many evangelical churches are using podcasts and blogs to reach out to the younger demographic.

  • MediaShift on Podcast Directories (2006-02-17): Mark Glaser at MediaShift has an entry that describes some of the more useful podcast directories including iTunes, Podcast Alley, Yahoo Podcasts, Odeo and Podcast.

  • Wired Looks at the Podfading Trend (2006-02-08): A Wired article suggests that podfading is becoming more common as more podcasters either lose interest or quit over concern they don't have enough time to produce a quality podcast.

  • Some Corporations Jump on Podcasting (2005-12-12): The Baltimore Sun has an article about how several corporation are taking the early plunge in podcasting.

  • Podcast is the Word of the Year (2005-12-08): Editor and Publisher reports the New Oxford American Dictionary has declared that the term "podcast" is the Word of the Year.

  • Women in Podcasting List (2005-11-26): Amy Gahran, the editor of Contentious.