PodShow Raises Another $15 Million

Posted on September 30, 2006

PodShowPodShow, Inc. has raised $15 million in a second round of financing led by led by DAG Ventures. They raised $8.8 million last year. PodShow, a podcasting company cofounded by Adam Curry, is in a battle with other leading podcasting sites to be the premiere podcast hub. A VentureBeat post points out that Odeo and Podtech have raised money as well -- see here and here.

Some in the industry believe the large money raising round is proof a podcasting bubble is here. Jason Calacanis says, "we are now in a full-blown bubble." The company has now raised $25 million. Calacanis says, "What on earth Podshow is going to do with almost $25M in funding is anyone’s guess, but it’s not going to end well I can tell you that."

Tom Morris writes that he is not convinced PodShow is "doing anything earth-shattering." What no one can doubt is that the PodShow people are good at raising money.

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