MechMuse Launches Free Audio Magazine

Posted on September 28, 2006

MechMuse Ltd. has launched an online magazine called the MechMuse Audio Magazine Free Edition. The first two issues of the publication include stories from New York Times Best Selling Authors David Farland and Kevin J. Anderson. MechMuse Audio Magazine publishes serialized novels, short stories, columns and interviews all in audio format. Each MechMuse Free Edition issue includes between 12 and 15 hours of audio content compressed in MP3 and AAC formats. MechMuse also offers graphical layouts featuring artwork.

Editor Miles Romney talked about the resurrection of audio thanks to podcasts in a statement. "The popularity of streaming radio shows and podcasts further emphasizes the strength of this resurrection of the audio format. Podcasts have brought the power of audio broadcast to the average Joe, and it's been great fun. The next step is to combine this technology with content from best-selling authors, produced to the standards of mainstream audiobooks. That's what we do at MechMuse."

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