Women in Podcasting List

Posted on November 26, 2005

Amy Gahran, the editor of Contentious.com, has updated her Women in Podcasting list. The list and a rendered OPML file and she explains how that works here.

It's a rendered OPML file, which is a bit different from an ordinary web page. Visually, this list looks like a series of nested outline item. (You'll probably see a folder icon displayed to the left of each item.) Wherever you see a "+" mark next to an item, click on that to expand the view to see what's inside. Similarly, a "-" mark indicates that you can collapse that item, or that the item cannot be expanded further.
It is easy to navigate once you get the hang of clicking on the "+" and "-" marks. The lists contains dozens of podcasts hosted or co-hosted by women as well as a few vlogs by women. Amy also blogged about the list here and here. In the second post she explains how you can subscribe to all the podcasts at one time.