Print Magazine for Bloggers and Podcasters Launches

Posted on April 24, 2007

There is a new print magazine called Blogger & Podcaster Magazine. This is the first print trade magazine for the industry. Of course, the magazine also has a blog online. Joe Wikert has a good interview with Larry Genkin, the magazine's publisher, here.

Robert Scoble is on the launch issue's cover as you can see in the image on the right. The cover story is about video podcasting and Robert Scoble's podcasting and vlogging efforts that include ScobleShow and PodTech. TWiT's Leo Laporte is also in the issue in a feature called "10 Questions with Leo Laporte."

It is tough to remain timely in a monthly print magazine covering any topic these days. That is especially true in an industry like blogging. However, the articles in the debut issue do cover current events like the recent blogging and vlogging awards and the explosion of Twitter at the SXSW conference. The articles in the launch issue seem slanted a little more heavily at the podcasting and vlogging trade. That might make sense from a publishing perspective because producing audio and video requires more equipment and startup costs than text blogging so there might be more advertising potential. There are full page ads in the debut issue for Kiptronic, Podango, BlogWorld, IBNMA, Podcast Pickle, BlogTalkRadio and Podcasting & New Media Expo.

A one year subscription to Blogger & Podcaster costs $79 per year for U.S. residents and $99 for non U.S. residents. The entire magazine can also be read online free using ActiveMagazine software from Olive Software.

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