Book Promotion

Welcome to our specialty section for book promotion! Here you'll find information about book promotion, resources for promoting your books, articles, advice and discussion.

Articles and Features
Read articles and interviews to help you learn more about book promotion.

Find links to web promotion resources, media directories, booksellers directories, reviewer lists, book fairs, library directories, book distributors and more in our resources section.

Book Marketing Ideas and Trends
Learn about how other authors and publishers are promoting their books from the Writer's Blog.

Find resources about self-publishing your book if you haven't already published it.

35 Book Signing Tips
Larry James has 35 great tips for increase book sales at your upcoming book signing. This article will give you multiple ideas.

Find out how authors can use NetGalley to get book reviews.

Author Websites
Find out what you need on an author website and what features are optional.

Amazon Author Central Promotion
Learn how to promote yourself and your books on Amazon with an author page.

Promote Your Books with a Goodreads Author Page
Learn how to use a Goodreads author page to promote your books.

Ebook Marketing
Information about ebook marketing with some promotion advice that is specific to ebooks.

Book Publishing
Learn more about the book publishing process, sending query letters, marketing plans and more.

Authors on Twitter
Twitter is a great social media tool for building a fan base and promoting your books. Visit the Twitter accounts of these bestselling authors to see how they are utilizing it.

Book Giveaways
Learn more about book giveaways and how they can help you promote your books and author brand.

What Influences Readers When They are Buying a New Book
We asked our readers what about a new book makes them want to purchase it? Is it the cover art, blurbs, book reviews? Find out what they had to say!