Find Words That Rhyme

Poets and songwriters sometimes struggle to find a word that rhymes with another word. The Internet offers tools that quickly help solve this problem. We have explained how to use some of the most popular rhyming dictionaries with commonly sought rhyming source words as examples. You can find a list of the rhyming dictionaries discussed in this article at the bottom of the page. You can find more resources for poets and songwriters on our poetry and songwriting sections.

Find Words That Rhyme With Love

The most popular rhyming dictionary is RhymeZone. You just enter the word you need a rhyme for and Rhymezone returns multiple words that rhyme. RhymeZone also has some useful advanced features. If you want to find words that rhyme with love, just enter "love" at Rhymezone and you will get responses for one syllable and multi-syllable rhyming words. Some one syllable rhyming words include "dove, glove, of" and "shove." The two syllable results include "sort of, thereof" and "kind of." A four syllable example is "unworthy of." In addition to the word results, Rhymezone also provides many examples of love rhymes used in poetry and song lyrics.

Find Words That Rhyme With You

"You" is another one of the most commonly used rhyming words. You can enter it in the search bar at RhymeZone like we explained above. You can try RhymeZone's advanced search (the find rhymes advanced) option. When you enter "you" the advanced results show you matches filtered by rhyme quality, popularity, meter, and more. You can click on the music symbol and get examples from music lyrics. Some of the most popular rhyming words for "you" are "to, who, new, through" and "view." Some less common uses are "ewe, boo, shrew" and "kangaroo."

Find Words That Rhyme With Life

Another common rhyming word used in songs and poems is the word "life." Let's try finding life rhyming words using another rhyming dictionary, Rhymer. Rhymer lets you narrow your search with six rhyming types: end rhymes, last-syllable rhymes, double rhymes, triple rhymes, beginning rhymes and first-syllable rhymes. Using "end rhymes" we get 19 results including "knife, strife" and "wife." If you use the "beginning rhymes" option you get "lice, likes, lights" and many more because it retrieves words that have the same initial consonant sound and the same first vowel sound.

Find Words That Rhyme With Me

"Me" is another popular word used in rhyming poems. Rhymer has it as one of its top ten rhymes. There are many end rhymes for this word including "be, glee, he, plea, sea, she, ski, we, three" and more. You won't have much trouble rhyming with "me."

Find Words The Rhyme With Day

Rhymes Lexemic is another rhyming dictionary. It returns a big list of words that rhyme with the source word you enter. If you enter the word "day" as your source word you will get a huge list that includes words like "away, gray, may, moray, quay, stairway, pray, tay" and many others. You can narrow your results by reducing the range of letters in the word and the number of syllables. You can also opt for a pronunciation based search.

Find Words That Rhyme With Time

"Time" is another words poets and songwriters often need a rhyming word for. This time we will use Rhymebrain. Rhymebrain returns a page full of results for time. The list include words that rhyme with time like "chime, slime, anytime, paradigm" and "rhyme". It also gives words that almost rhyme with time, like "zine, timberline" and "porcupine." Rhymebrain also suggests alternatives like "when/then" or "hours/powers."

Find Words That Rhyme With World

World is a more difficult word to find rhymes for. A RhymeZone search gives you results that include "curled, furled, twirled" and "impearled." If you use the near rhymes search option you will get more results. RhymeZone says "curled" is the most popular rhyme choice for world. If you don't find any useful results for a rhyming search you can always use the "find synonyms" option on RhymeZone. This gives you words like "globe" and "earth" and increases your rhyming possibilities if you can use one of these synonyms in place of world in your poem or song.

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