The Writer's Lifestyle: From Scotch to Yoga

Posted on March 21, 2005

Ellen Gilchrist, author of 25 books, won the National Book Award for Victory Over Japan, a collection of short stories. In an interview, she attributes her success to her twenty years of practicing yoga. In fact, she thinks yoga is so important for writers that she brought along her favorite yoga instructor to a writing symposium earlier this month at Tulane University in New Orleans.

"It helps with mental focus, helps you sleep better and balances hormones," the author explains. Ms. Gilchrist explains: "I want to get the point across that you don't have to be crazy or drunk to be a writer. It doesn't help."

So much for the image of the tortured writer, sitting alone at his desk with a bottle of scotch, chain smoking and thinking deeply depressing--yet brilliant--thoughts.

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