Text Messaging Takes Over

Posted on July 31, 2004

Hi. Im ryTN U frm D futR. Ive ritN dis shrt col Ntirely n txt msgN lingo -- wich S now akcptD WW. I wrk 4 a nws txt firm +I wrt a sprts col n Occsnly rprt on lcl intrsts hre n NY. I urge all U writrs 2 kip ^ W teknlG -- YNK w@ ryTN myt l%k lk 2mro!

If the above paragraph doesn't make an iota of sense to you, you might want to ask a teenager for assistance in translating the message written in Texting, the way that GenNext communicates -- much to the horror of their teachers. To translate what your teen is saying on her Blackberry, go to www.lingo2word.com. You are keeping up with popular culture, right?

Translation: Hello. I am writing you from the future. I have written this short column entirely in text messaging lingo -- which is now accepted worldwide. I work for a news text firm and I write a sports column and occassionally report on local interests here in New York. I urge all you writers to keep up with technology -- you never know what writing might look like tomorrow!

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