Stephenie Meyer - Anne Rice Feud Escalates

Posted on October 31, 2011

Stephenie Meyer and Anne Rice are having a vampire feud.

The Atlantic explains that it all started when Stephenie told Entertainment Weekly, "...I can't read other people's vampires. If it's too close [to my writing], I get upset; if it's too far away, I get upset. It just makes me very neurotic...I've seen little pieces of Interview with a Vampire when it was on TV, but I kind of always go YUCK! I don't watch R-rated movies, so that really cuts down on a lot of the horror."

Now you didn't think Anne Rice, author of the iconic novel Interview With a Vampire and many other classic vampire books was going to take that lying down, did you? In response, Anne has poked some fun at Stephenie Meyer's sparkly vampire creations, including Edward Cullen who is portrayed in the popular film franchise by Robert Pattinson. Here's what Anne had to say on her Facebook page:

Lestat and Louie feel sorry for vampires that sparkle in the sun. They would never hurt immortals who choose to spend eternity going to high school over and over again in a small town ---- anymore than they would hurt the physically disabled or the mentally challenged. My vampires possess gravitas. They can afford to be merciful.

Yikes. Note to self: never get into a war of words with Anne Rice. Stephenie, it's your move.

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