Stephen Colbert and Carey Mulligan Get Intellectual and Discuss The Great Gatsby

Posted on May 11, 2013

Stephen Colbert decided to read The Great Gatsby and discuss the book with Carey Mulligan, who stars as Daisy in the new film version of the classic book by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Stephen dressed in a white suit with a boater hat for his book chat. His hair was parted and slicked back, 1920s-style. At a table covered with his awards, Stephen got serious with Carey. Stephen asked her what the major themes of the movie are. She replied that they are the same as the ones in the book, which clearly he had read. He finally admits he didn't read the book because "it's a monster." But he needs Carey's help because Jennifer Egan is going to be on the show and will want to discuss literature.

Carey sums up the plot for him, but it quickly becomes clear that she doesn't know the plot either. She defends herself explaining, "You always shoot movies out of order! I can never figure out the plot! ...and I can't read!" It's hilarious. We had no idea Carey could be so funny, as she confesses her dark secret. Luckily, LeVar Burton is around with a very special edition of Reading Rainbow to help Carey with her little problem. Take a look:

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