Some Bloggers Blog Out

Posted on August 24, 2006

Wayne Hurlbert has an article at WebProNews about blog out. Hurlbert says blog out occurs when blogging seems more like a chore than something fun. He says blog out is "that feeling that blogging is just not fun any longer." Hurlbert describes a couple things that can lead to blog out.

One of the causes of blog out is a constant concern with visitor traffic logs. Checking the number of visitors to the blog ten times per day will not increase the readership levels. It serves only to frustrate the blog owner who believes no one is reading the slaved over postings. Forgetting to check the visitor logs for at least a week is a good place to start. You might be interested to know that I rarely check my visitor logs any longer. I know people read my blog. I understand they don't visit on a daily basis. Obsessing over numbers is not good for the blogging soul.

Another reason that bloggers begin to burn out is concern about what to use for the next posting topic. Many good bloggers keep a list of potential posting ideas handy at all times. When an idea for a column pops into their head, they write it down. Keep a pencil and notepad handy, as topics often appear as if by magic. You want to be prepared for those glorious moments of inspiration.

Writers and journalists can experience burn out or writer's block when they have a heavy workload. Bloggers could also experience blog out or blogger's block when they are forced to post multiple times each day. Bloggers working for blog networks may face this problem. It is one of the reasons some blog networks assign multiple bloggers to a blog. Blog out usually occurs with blogging for money bloggers and not personal bloggers. Personal bloggers typically just blog when they want to so they don't have a burn out problem.

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