Singers Mia Rose, Ashley Tisdale, Terra Naomi Build YouTube Audience

Posted on January 28, 2007

Singer Mia Rose has generated quite a bit of attention to her YouTube channel and videos. Rose covers popular songs in her videos including "Unwritten", "Break Away", "Heaven" and "L.O.V.E". She talks in a recent vlog about traveling to meetings for possible music deals. A Rolling Stone blog post discusses a backlash against Mia Rose from some Youtubers. There may be some jealousy here.

During this past week Mia Rose gained over 35,000 YouTube subscribers. That's very impressive considering that the leading YouTube channel -- which belongs to the well-known Lonelgirl15 -- has 75,000 subscribers. Mia Rose's impressive week vaulted her into the fifth spot on the list of YouTubers with the most subscribers. Another Youtuber singer with potential going by the username esmeedenters has also accumulated a significant number of subscribers (over 16,000) by covering popular songs in YouTube videos from singers like Beyonce and Otis Redding. Esmeendenters is Esmee from the Netherlands.

Young artists that already have contracts with major music labels are also utilizing YouTube. Leading the way are Ashley Tisdale and Terra Naomi. Ashley Tisdale, an actress/singer who is probably familiar to Disney Channel viewers, has also been building an audience on YouTube. A video of hers that is popular on YouTube called "Kiss the Girl" is a remake of Disney song. Tisdale already has a record contract -- her first album Headstrong will be released early next month. Ashley Tisdale has been vlogging concert clips and personal messages. Her channel has about 9,000 subscribers. Terra Naomi, who has signed with Island Records, has over 13,000 subscribers to her channel on Her first video Say It's Possible includes film contributions from people around the world. Ashley Tisdale and Terra Naomi are looking mighty smart for jumping on YouTube early and providing frequent vlogs and updates for fans. With the massive amount of traffic YouTube has some musicians are clearly missing out on an obvious opportunity.

Other music-related Youtube channels with a significant number of subscribers include Paris Hilton's Channel, Ryan Leslie TV, GiR2007 and P. Diddy's Bad Boy Records. Paris Hilton has just over 10,000 subscribers to her channel but most of that came when her channel was launched as part of a YouTube promotion last August for her new album. She hasn't achieved much subscriber growth since then. Singer and music producer Ryan Leslie has over 16,000 subscribers to his popular channel. GiR2007, the group behind the funny pancakes song, has over 11,000 subscribers to its channel. MysteryGuitarMan's channel, which veers off into humor, also has 11,000 subscribers.

MySpace has a huge music section and is the home for numerous bands but artists. A MySpace profile is a must for wannabe music stars but new artists also should not overlook the possibilities a YouTube channel offers. This is still the early days of YouTube and video sharing. The combination of good music and good videos could quickly propel a new band to one of the top spots on YouTube's most subscribed channels page. But at time marches on that opportunity will slip and it will become much more difficult to acquire enough subscribers to vault to the top of YouTube.

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