Shiny Media Gets $4.5 Million in Funding

Posted on January 29, 2007

Bright Station Ventures has invested $4.5 million in UK blog publisher Shiny Media. The Times Online reports that Bright Station also took a 50% ownership in Shiny Media. A blog post on the Shiny Media blog says they are hugely excited about the funding.

I don't have a great deal to say at this moment other than to state the bleeding obvious that we are hugely excited about how we can use the cash to develop Shiny.

We started Shiny with nothing other than some great ideas and a passionate belief in the potential of blogs. We now attract almost three million readers each month to our 22 sites, employ over thirty bloggers (some full-time, some freelance) and regularly attract big name advertisers.

We have come a very long way in a short space of time with no money. The investment will help us make some of more ambitious dreams realities.

The post also says that until a year ago Shiny Media was "headquartered in three London bedrooms." Shiny Media's most recent launch was Techscape. Techscape launched a couple weeks ago and it's a good thing because it was about time another tech blog was brought into the world. Shiny also has some blogs with clever names like WiiWii (about Nintendo's new game system) and Who Ate All the Pies, a football (soccer) blog. Shiny Media currently has blogs in four categories: fashion, lifestyle, technology and sports.

In the past six to twelve months funding for blog networks has ranged from under a million to around $5 million. Glam Networks received much more but technically they are more of an advertising network than a blog network.

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