Service Helps You Spy on MySpace Members

Posted on March 23, 2006

MySpace accounts are public so you can spy for free. Even if you put another member on block that member can still read your profile. As MySpace's FAQ explains, there is no way to prevent someone from seeing your profile.

Q. How do I block a user?
A. To block a user you will need to visit that user's profile click 'Block User' (found underneath 'Send Message').

Clicking 'Block User' will block that user.

Blocked users can still view your profile, but they cannot send you a message or communicate with you. There is no way to prevent someone from seeing your profile.

Not everyone has time to sit and watch a MySpace profile so a new service called MySpaceWatch helps make it easier to watch MySpace activity. The service is billed at people who want to spy on their friends or parents that want to spy on their kids' accounts. is a service that allows you to monitor login activity, track profile changes, and keep a running history of up to 3 profiles. Are you a parent who banned your child from myspace only to see that they keep logging on, or keeping multiple accounts? Is your significant other living a double life? We keep track and monitor activity so you don't have to. We also don't ask for any of your personal information.
The service tracks activity on the member's profile page you specify and it also tracks the activity for up to 100 friends of that particular member. Monitoring one profile is free but there is a monthly fee to monitor multiple profiles. Kids will probably be upset to find out that not only are parents monitoring their account but 100 of their friends' profiles as well. But it is a less invasive choice than the Wall Street Journal's suggestion to install keystroke logging software on your child's PC. Some parents just choose the delete option. MySpace offers parents instructions for deleting a child's MySpace account, which makes you think it happens somewhat frequently.

Note: MySpace Watch is no longer available.

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