Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin to Make Facebook Movie

Posted on September 14, 2008

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has written hit tv shows and films including The West Wing and Charlie Wilson's War. Now Sorkin plans to write a movie about the founders of Facebook. The BBC reports that Sorkin had never even used Facebook so he had to join to figure it out.

"This is me," he insisted. "I don't know how I can prove that but feel free to test me."

The 47-year-old admitted he did not really understand Facebook, or "how I'm going to write the movie", so was relying on fans to help him.

"I honestly don't know how this works, which is why I'm here," Sorkin said.

"If anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to answer them as best I can. If anyone has any comments, I'm glad to listen."

Before signing off, Sorkin joked: "I feel about this introduction the way I felt about Sophie's Choice - It could have been funnier."

Since joining Facebook, the writer has been responding to questions and comments from fans, leading to some further revelations about the forthcoming film.

Sorkin also has a Facebook group here. It is hard to see how a movie about Facebook could be anywhere near as interesting as the complex and important subject matter covered in films like Charlie Wilson's War but that doesn't mean it couldn't be entertaining. However, it seems like there should really be a movie about MySpace's Tom instead - at least the CIA once raided his home. Valleywag posted a poll about who should play Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.

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