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Twitter is a social network that lets you write very short content at a time. The short content update is known as a tweet. Using a service like Twitter is sometimes called microblogging. Many authors make use of Twitter as part of their book promotion. You can find a list of authors on Twitter here.

Here is our latest coverage of Twitter:

  • Stephen King Compares Elon Musk to Tom Sawyer (2022-11-06): Stephen King compares Elon Musk to Tom Sawyer in a tweet. King has also attacked Musk's plans for a new verification fee.

  • Twitter Reveals Edit Button Under Development (2022-04-05): Twitter reveals it is working on a long awaited edit button. It was revealed by the Twitter Comms account on April 5th.

  • Twitter Adds Quote Tweets Feature (2020-09-01): Twitter has added a new feature called Quote Tweets that lets you find all the retweets with comments in one place.

  • How Many Words is That? (2018-04-16): Find out word counts for different types of writing from tweets to novels including short stories, fiction, novels and more.

  • Kylie Jenner Crushes Snapchat Stock With Tweet (2018-02-22): Kylie Jenner tweeted that she doesn't use Snapchat anymore and shares of the parent company, Snap, plummeted.

  • WWE Video is Source of Donald Trump's Juvenile CNN Bodyslamming Video (2017-07-02): A WWE video is the source of a video Donald Trump shared on Twitter where he bodyslams a CNN reporter.

  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders Confuses Twitter With Emoji Filled Tweet (2017-06-10): Sarah Huckabee Sanders confused Twitter this morning with a tweet filled with emojis. It turns out the tweet was sent by her 3 year old.

  • Twitter Separates Direct Messages From People You Follow and People You Don't Follow (2017-05-31): Twitter has separated Direct Messages from people you follow and people you don't follow into different inboxes.

  • Donald Trump Tags Wrong Ivanka in Retweet of Random Twitter User (2017-01-17): Donald Trump retweeted a tweet last night that links to the wrong Ivanka. SNL has poked fun at him for his habit of retweeting random Twitter users.

  • Donald Trump to Use Personal Twitter Account as President (2017-01-16): Donald Trump will keep his Twitter account as President and will not switch to the Twitter account designated for POTUS

  • Trump Typo Causes 'Unpresidented' to Trend on Twitter (2016-12-17): Trump's unpresidented typo trends on Twitter after Trump mistakenly entered it in a tweet about China taking one of our research drones.

  • Trump Blocked Twitter CEO from Tech Meeting Over Crooked Hillary Emoji (2016-12-14): Donald Trump and his team reportedly blocked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey from its tech meeting in Trump Tower over a failed emoji deal.

  • Twitter to Give Users More Room for Text in a Tweet (2016-05-24): Twitter will allow users to enter more text into a tweet by excluding usernames in replies and media attachments.

  • Twitter Suspends Over 125,000 Accounts for Promoting Terrorist Acts (2016-02-05): Twitter has suspended a large number of Twitter accounts for threatening or promoting terrorist acts. These acts were primarily related to ISIS.

  • Twitter Changes Stars to Hearts and Favorites to Likes (2015-11-03): Twitter has changed the icon used when favoriting a tweet from a star to a heart.

  • Sir Patrick Stewart Loves the Challenge of Twitter Restrictions (2015-08-17): Sir Patrick Stewart talks about the beauty of Twitter restrictions and having to refine information to fit in 140 characters.

  • Hachette Tests Book Sales Using Twitter (2014-12-08): Hachette is launching a new way to buy books: through Twitter. Promoted titles can be purchased on the author's Twitter: each title comes with a bonus.

  • Twitpic to Shut Down on September 25th (2014-09-04): Twitpic is shutting its virtual doors. The last day for the photo sharing site will be September 25th.

  • Billboard and Twitter Partner for Real-Time Music Charts (2014-05-27): Billboard and Twitter have partnered for the Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts. The first chart is the Trending 140.

  • Tweetstormers Should Get a Blog (2014-05-12): Tweetstormers should get a blog instead of publishing long successive tweets on Twitter.