Previously Unseen Manuscript by Dr. Seuss Up for Auction

Posted on October 14, 2010

A previously unseen handwritten manuscript by Dr. Seuss has been put up for auction by Nate D. Sanders Auctions. The ninteen page collection includes illustrations and handwritten pages that were for a children's book that was going to be called All Sorts of Sports. You can find the auction listing here. The auction will run until October 21st.

Some of the text in the very rough Dr. Seuss manuscript reads, "All Sorts of Sports. Shall I play checkers? golf? croquet? There are so many games there are to play. I could. / maybe.. / shall I.. There are so many many sorts. So many sorts of games + sports. What am I going to do today? There are so many games to play! I guess I won't. I'm all tired out. 100 GAMES & sports you can play. You can play checkers. You can play chess. Baseball. Football. Volleyball. Basketball. You can ski on snow. You can ski on water. And tiddle-de-winks. What am I going to do today. Well, that's a simple matter. Oh, that's easy. We could play. There are so many sports games to play. We could swim. I could play catch. Or I could play a tennis match. There are so many sports, let's see... I could bowl, jump hurdles, or water ski. I could blumf. Or blumf blumf blumf blumf blumf. Or blumf. Or blumf blumf blumf blumf blumf."

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