Pamela Anderson is Blogging With the Cast of Stacked

Posted on April 7, 2005

The cast of Stacked are blogging on the Friendster website. Stacked is a new sitcom starring Pamela Anderson about a former party girl who gets a job at a bookstore. The Stacked blogs include discussions about creating and filming the show and photos of the audience, cast and set. Pamela Anderson also has a blog on the site. Here is an excerpt from her most recent blog entry:
OK, our hiatus is over and we are back at the FOX studio working on "Episode 2" of Stacked. The more we all work together, the easier it gets...the chemistry between our cast is really starting to gel so rehearsals are moving along much more quickly and all of the initial nervousness about starting a new show has turned in to excitement. This episode is being guest directed by Lee Shallat Chemel who has directed for Bernie Mac and Arrested Development!

Update: Here's the trailer for the new series.

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