Neil Gaiman Threatens War if The Onion is Not Awarded a Pulitzer Prize

Posted on June 23, 2011

Neil Gaiman has added his voice to the growing outcry of celebrities, politicians and various random people that are demanding that The Onion get a Pulitzer Prize this year. The AFAJP (Americans For Fairness In Awarding Journalism Prizes) is a non-profit watchdog group which is spearheading the movement to get The Onion the prize that has eluded it for so long.

Neil's video is especially funny -- he lists all the prizes he has won then notes that he has never won a Pulitzer because he is British and therefore excluded from consideration. He assures us that all the British people are angry over this slight and that it will mean war if the oversight is not corrected. He even drops the F bomb, revealing his deep passion for this important cause. Take a look:

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