National Enquirer Could Win Pulitzer Prize

Posted on February 25, 2010

Emily Miller at The Huffington Post reports that the Pulitzer Prize Board accept the National Equirer's submission for a Pulitzer Prize. The John Edwards affair story is the story the Enquirer submitted.

The Pulitzer Prize Board has officially accepted The National Enquirer's submissions for breaking the John Edwards scandal, according to sources close to the Board. In a historic move, the Pulitzer Board conceded that the self-proclaimed tabloid is qualified to compete with mainstream news outlets for journalism's most prestigious prize. The Enquirer is in the running for the Pulitzer in two categories: "Investigative Reporting" and "National News Reporting" for The National Enquirer staff.

"We're excited to be officially part of the Pulitzer competition," The Enquirer's Executive Editor Barry Levine told me when contacted for his reaction to the decision. "We know we'll be judged against other very outstanding submissions, but our work on Edwards is truly worthy of the Prize."

The Enquirer certainly deserves to have a chance at winning. The story was breaking news about a man who could have been the President. Even after Edwards lost he still had the potential to be part of President Obama's cabinet. The Enquirer also continued to report on the story while other media oulets ignored it.

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