Mr. Magazine Picks Most Notable Magazines of 2007

Posted on March 21, 2008

Mr. Magazine Samir Husni has announced his picks for the Most Notable magazine launches of 2007. Included in the list of 30 magazines are Portfolio, Organic Spa, Hot Wheels Magazine, Hooah, 0-60, Urban Ink, Our Iowa, Antenna, American Drive, Aromatherapy Times, Bond, Eldr, Everywhere, Garden and Gun, Home Gym, The Journal of Life Sciences, Medical Tourism, Men's Health Living, Mob Candy, Outside Go, Russia, Science Illustrated, Scientific American Body, Se7en, Sew Stylish, Artful Blogging, Thoroughbred Style, Victoria, Wag and Heal. There is quite a variety of magazines represented in that list.

Mr. Magazine says there was a total of 715 new titles launched in 2007. Husni also notes that only only two of every 10 magazines will make it to a tenth anniversary issue.

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