Mr. Magazine Names the Most Notable Magazine Launches of 2005

Posted on February 20, 2006

Samir Husni, also known as Mr. Magazine, has named his selected his annual top thiry magazine launches of the year. Husni says there were over 1,000 magazines launched in 2005. Some of the magazines magazine his list include Quick & Simple, Co-Ed, Celebrity Living, Poker Life, Everyday with Rachael Ray and WebMD. Husni picked Domino, a magazine about home shopping, as the launch of the year.

In a year where the word "copycat" aptly describes the mass of new magazines, Domino sets itself apart by identifying a trend within a trend and a niche within a niche, therefore floating to the top of this year's launches as the cream of the crop. Being a domino player, I felt that when searching through all the domino tiles, Domino was the double six tile: the most coveted in the game. And why shouldn't it be? With the backing of Conde Nast Publications and the experience Domino's publishing company brings to the table, as well as its beautiful design and layout, this new launch is not only beautiful to flip through but a pleasure to read as well. Domino was launched in April with its Spring/Summer edition under publisher Beth Fuchs Brenner and editor Deborah Needleman.
With the way the Internet is growing it is surprising that there were over 1,000 magazine launches in 2005. Eventually more and more of the money is going to be put towards blogs, websites and wireless content instead of print mags.

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