Modern Luxury Media Launches Silicon Valley Magazine

Posted on March 26, 2016

Wealthy Silicon Valley residents now have a new glossy lifestyle magazine. The new magazine, Modern Luxury Silicon Valley, is published by Modern Luxury. Modern Luxury has publications for targeting affluent readers in a number of cities including Aspen, Chicago, Miami, Orange County and The Hamptons.

The cover issue of the launch issue of the publication features Palo Alto entrepreneur Tristan Walker. Walker founded a beauty company named Walker & Co. He is casually dressed in a denim jacket, blue shirt and khakis. The article calls him an "Agent of Change." There are also stories on real estate, upscale restaurants, fashion, inventions, philanthropy and more.

Modern Luxury Editorial Director Beth Weitzman told Re/code that the magazine is unique to Silicon Valley but "sort of mirrors what we do with Aspen magazine." Weitzman also says, "Silicon Valley is obviously one of the leading wealth-generating markets in the world. It's an influential center for culture and community that goes far beyond [the area]. The HBO show ... indicates there's interest nationally on the lifestyle of Silicon Valley."

The magazine also has a website here on It has tabs including travel, culture, style, home, city life, scene and more. You can also read a digital edition of the March/April 2016 launch issue here.

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