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Here are the latest posts about LinkedIn on Writers Write:

  • Microsoft and LinkedIn Close Merger Agreement and Reveal Joint Plans (2016-12-12): Microsoft and LinkedIn close the merger agreement and have revealed their joint plans going forward.

  • Microsoft to Acquire LinkedIn in $26 Billion Deal (2016-06-13): Microsoft is acquiring LinkedIn in a deal valued at $26.2 billion.

  • LinkedIn Wants More of Its Members Blogging (2015-01-08): LinkedIn wants more of its members to blog and create content.

  • LinkedIn Adds Cats You May Know Feature (2014-04-01): LinkedIn has added a new feature called Cats You May Know for April Fool's Day

  • LinkedIn Launches University Pages (2013-08-19): LinkedIn has launched University Pgaes. It also plans to lower the minimum age required to make a page to 14 on September 12.

  • Over 6 Million LinkedIn Passwords Reportedly Leak Online (2012-06-06): LinkedIn, a business social network, had 6.

  • LinkedIn Launches LinkedIn Today (2011-03-10): LinkedIn has launched a new feature called LinkedIn Today.

  • More Hiring Managers Using Social Networks to Evaluate Possible Hires (2008-09-25): MediaPost reports that a new survey from CareerBuilder.

  • LinkedIn Adds Professional Photos (2007-09-28): Adam Nash, the senior director of products at LinkedIn, has announced the addition of photos to the LinkedIn social network.

  • Linkedin Claims Professional Social Network Domination (2007-06-17): CNN's The Browser reports that LinkedIn CEO Dan Nye believes people will maintain two social networking profiles and that LinkedIn will dominate as the professional social network.