McDonald's Corporate Responsibility Blog

Posted on January 24, 2006

McDonald's has a new corporate responsibility blog called Open for Discussion. But so far the blog just has one post after about a week of existence. Naked Conversation calls the blog "newsletterish" -- that's not a complement for those of you less familiar with the blogosphere.

We were pleased five days ago, when we came across this posting five days ago on a nicely named new McDonald's corporate blog called Open for Discussion. We decided not to blog about it, because there were a few flaws that we thought would soon clean themselves up. For example the blog runs about a paragraph, then you have to click on "More" to read it in its entirety, kind of newsletterish for a blog and making us think of RSS partial feeds. Open for Discussion also has six categories that are, well supposed open for discussion.

But it's nearly a week now, and there's just this one post and the poor thing has only one comment and I'm growing earful the poor darling will soon die from loneliness.

Still the blog does have permalinks, trackbacks and comments. And there are about three comments so there is some interactivity going on. The newsletterish label may be a little premature providing McDonald's picks up the posting pace down the road. They are used to making burgers and fries and not blogs so maybe they deserve a break today.

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