Magazine Launches Expected to Plunge

Posted on September 27, 2006

New York Business reports that the launch of Conde Nast Portfolio in May, 2007 may be the last of the mega magazine launches. The article says the number of magazine launches is expected to drop 17% this year compared to 2005.

When it hits newsstands in April, Conde Nast Portfolio will feature lavishly illustrated journalism by some of the world's best business writers.

The new title may also distinguish itself in another way: as the last of the multimillion-dollar magazine launches.

With the Internet taking readers and advertisers away from print in dramatic fashion this year, the overall number of magazine launches is expected to plunge 17% in 2006, according to Samir Husni, a University of Mississippi journalism professor who tracks the industry. That would be the first decrease since the black days of 2001, Mr. Husni says.

The news for print magazines is very grim. Fortunately, magazine websites are doing very well and should see rising revenues as more and more ad dollars move online. Magazine websites do have to compete with blogs and other websites but they have established brand names that customers are already familiar with. They also have the dying print magazines and subscriber mailing lists to help them market their websites.

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