Julie Taymor Settles Royalty Claims Lawsuit Over Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

Posted on April 10, 2013

Entertainment Weekly reports that the big lawsuit over Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has finally be settled. The Broadway show is more famous for its lawsuits, disputes and horrific injuries to cast members than it has been for the actual show (which is still running and still making money).

Julie Taymor settled her royalty claims against 8 Legged Productions LLC for the rewrites she had to do to the book, as well as claims for payments she was owed for fixing so many of the show's problems. Remember the story about Bono showing up to a writing meeting drunk with supermodels in tow, hours after the meeting was supposed to start? And that was just one of the many dramatic things that happened during the tumultuous production that was widely regarded as a trainwreck.

8 Legged's Michael Cohl and Jeremiah Harris had this to say in a statement: "We're happy to put all this behind us. We are now looking forward to spreading Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark in new and exciting ways around the world." Taymore said, "I'm pleased to have reached an agreement and hope for the continued success of Spider-Man, both on Broadway and beyond." Based on her statement, we'd say she's going to be getting her royalty checks. Taymor will direct A Midsummer Night's Dream this fall.

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