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American Journalist and Filmmaker Brent Renaud Killed in Ukraine (March 13, 2022): American journalist and filmmaker Brent Renaud has been killed in an attack by Russian forces in Irpin, Ukraine. A second journalist was also injured in the shelling.

James Bennet Resigns as New York Times Editorial Page Editor (June 7, 2020): James Bennet has resigned as the Editorial page editor of The New York Times after published a controversial op-ed by Senator Tom Cotton.

Angelina Jolie is Writing for Time Magazine (June 25, 2019): Angelina Jolie has joined Time magazine as a contributing editor. She will draw from her experiences and knowledge as the Special Envoy of the UNHCR.

OpenAI Group Won't Release Dangerous AI Text Generator (March 27, 2019): OpenAI Group created a powerful AI text generator and then warned the public that it is too dangerous to be released.

Henry Holt Rushes Fire and Fury Into Bookstores After Trump Legal Threat (January 4, 2018): Henry Holt is expediting publication of Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff after Trump's cease and desist legal threat.

Video: Sean Spicer Tells Reporters Covfefe Tweet Was Not a Mistake (May 31, 2017): Sean Spicer told reports that the covfefe tweet was not a mistake. The reporters burst out laughing upon hearing this.

White House Bans CNN, LA Times, NY Times and Politico From Press Conference (February 24, 2017): Journalists were stunned today when Press Secretary Sean Spicer blocked CNN, The NY Times and the LA Times from a news gaggle in his office.

A French Translator Describes the Difficulty of Translating President Trump (January 29, 2017): French translator Berengere Viennot explains why translating President Donald Trump's speeches into French is so difficult.

Merriam-Webster Calls Out Kellyanne Conway for 'Alternative Facts' (January 22, 2017): Merriam-Webster lectured Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway on what facts are in a tweet today. Conway advocated the use of alternative facts, which are actually falsehoods.

Trump Nominee Monica Crowley Felled by Plagiarism Scandal (January 17, 2017): Trump nominee Monica Crowley has withdrawn from consideration for NSC post after major plagiarism scandal.

Hunter S. Thompson's Favorite Marijuana Strains Coming Soon to a Dispensary Near You (December 1, 2016): Hunter S. Thompson, gonzo journalist, loved his marijuana. Now that it's legal in many states, his widow is marketing his favorite strains. But will the feds put a stop to it?

Post-Truth is the 2016 Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year (November 21, 2016): Post-Truth is the 2016 Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year

Vietnam Jails Human Rights Blogger Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh (October 11, 2016): The Vietnam government has arrested and jailed activist blogger Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh for her story about the worst environmental disaster in the country's history.

Donald Trump in Twitter War with The Art of the Deal Ghostwriter (September 10, 2016): Donald Trump is engaged in a Twitter war with his former ghostwriter, Tony Schwartz.

George Orwell to be Honored With Bronze Sculpture by BBC his Former Employer (August 13, 2016): George Orwell, author of 1984, will be immortalized in a bronze sculpture outside the BBC, his inspiration for the always lying Ministry of Truth.

Melania Trump's RNC Speech Triggers Plagiarism Allegations (July 19, 2016): Melania Trump gave an excellent speech at the RNC last night. But now she is being accused of plagiarism Michelle Obama's 2008 speech to the DNC.

Donald Trump's Ghostwriter Says a President Trump Will Lead to the End of Civilization (July 18, 2016): Donald Trump's ghostwriter gives a blistering critique of the presidential candidate. And he says it's his fault Trump is such as success.

Moist, Crevice and Slacks: Study Reveals the Most Repulsive English Words (May 7, 2016): The word moist is absolutely despised by Americans, as are the words crevice, slacks and phlegm. A new study looks at word avulsion in America.

Walt Whitman's Manly Health Tips (May 4, 2016): Walt Whitman is one of the best known American poets. He also gave some health advice in articles for the New York Atlas.

Egypt Jails Female Poet Fatima Naoot for Insulting Islam (January 27, 2016): Poet Fatima Naoot has been sentenced to jail for 3 years by an Egyptian court for insulting Islam.