Donald Trump in Twitter War with The Art of the Deal Ghostwriter

Posted on September 10, 2016

Trump The Art of the Deal cover

Donald Trump is in a Twitter feud with his former ghostwriter Tony Schwartz. Schwartz is listed as a co-writer on Trump's bestseller The Art of the Deal. We reported earlier that Schwartz thinks a President Trump will lead to the end of civilization. Now Trump and Schwartz are battling it out on Twitter.

In tweets over the last 24 hours Trump has called Swartz a "hostile basket case," "dummy writer" and an "irrelevant dope." Trump also tweeted, "I havn't (sic) seen @tonyschwartz in many years, he hardly knows me. Never liked his style." Trump also claims that Schwartz has been after him to write a second book for years.

Schwartz denies approaching Trump to write a second book. He says, "I never approached you to do 2nd book. You came to me & I said no. You felt jilted, not me."

Schwartz also says, "To undecided voters: Trump wants to be Putin, a despot & dictator. The world may not recover. Save your children and grandchildren."

We certainly don't see these two collaborating on a new book in the future.

Photo: Ballantine Books

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