Angelina Jolie is Writing for Time Magazine

Posted on June 25, 2019

Academy Award-winning actress, director, and humanitarian Angelia Jolie has joined Time magazine as a contributing editor. Time says she will cover "on a variety of topics, focusing primarily on displacement, conflict and human rights." The announcement was made by Time Editor in Chief and CEO Edward Felsenthal.

Jolie has penned op-ed articles for The New York Times in the past covering the refugee crisis and her preventive double mastectomy decision. In 2017 she penned an op-ed for the Times that said refugee policy should be based on facts, not fear.

Angelina Jolie also writes articles for UNHCR about mass population displacements and her global travels to refugee hot spots. She was appointed Special Envoy by UNHCR in April 2012. She has made over 60 field missions to visit refugees.

Jolie's article, "What We Owe Refugees," was posted on last week. Her article covers some refugee history including those displaced by World War II. She writes, "More than 40 million Europeans were displaced by the war. The U.N. Refugee Agency was created for them. We forget this. Some of the leaders uttering the harshest rhetoric against refugees today trace their routes back to countries that went through tragic refugee experiences and were helped by the international community."

Angelina's article will also appear in the print version of Time. It was published online earlier to coincide with World Refugee Day. She also wrote an article for Time that says women are the key to lasting piece in Afghanistan, but they are being largely left out of negotiations.

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