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The Seventh Sense by T.J. MacGregor

Kensington, April 1999.
Hardcover, 262 pages.
ISBN: 1575664119.
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The Seventh Sense
by T.J. MacGregor Attorney Frank Benedict has been working on landing wealthy Jerome MacClean as a client for months. But MacClean is on a power trip, just leading Benedict on for the thrill of it. He has no intention of hiring Frank at all. When Benedict thinks he has been invited over to be finally given the deal, MacClean tells him he needs more time. Benedict pretends to take it well, but drinks too much. Inside, he is boiling with anger -- he knows that MacClean will never sign on as a client, and has been leading him on as a sick joke. On the way home he sees a car in his path, which he easily could have avoided. But instead he accelerates and rams the car. He sees a woman stagger out of the car asking for help, but flees the scene anyway. Unfortunately for Benedict, the injured woman was FBI agent Charlie Calloway, who lost her unborn child and husband in the "accident," leaving her desperate for revenge. Calloway was pronounced clinically dead herself for a short period of time after the accident and, as a result, she has developed some psychic abilities. The pursuit of her husband's killer also involves another psychic, Doug Logan, who helps them track down Benedict, who is doing everything possible, including murder, to keep the road rage incident a mystery.

The Seventh Sense is an incredibly thrilling and shocking story of a stressed out professional man whose morals and sanity are slowly deteriorating. The plot is chilling, especially in light of similar road rage incidents which are reported everyday in the local papers. An engrossing and fast-paced page turner. Highly Recommended.

Smoke Screen by Vincent Patrick

William Morrow, Jan., 1999.
Hardcover, 376 pages.
ISBN: 0688155367.
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Smoke Screen
by Vincent Patrick Fidel Castro is threatening the U.S. with a powerful and deadly virus capable of wreaking death and chaos on the nation. Castro wants an end to the economic embargo on Cuba, in exchange for keeping the virus out of the U.S. However, Castro has secretly sent Ernesto Rivera, a medical doctor who smuggled the deadly virus out of the African jungle, to test the virus on an isolated portion of the U.S. population. However, Rivera doesn't think a simple test will do and is secretly planning a much larger display of the deadly virus. Fortunately, U.S. intelligence knows Rivera and the virus are coming. CIA Director Linwood Cutshaw has called on a retired cop, Teddy Tedesco, to stage a robbery in the hotel where Rivera will be staying, so they can get Rivera and the virus and make it look like an accident at the same time. However, everything does not go as planned and the crazy Cuban doctor escapes with the loot from the robbery and with his knowledge of where the virus is being kept. Tedesco must track down the doctor before he is able to release the virus into the unsuspecting population.

Smoke Screen is an exciting thriller full of plot twists, espionage and humorous escapades. The writing is crisp and funny. The thoughts of the Cuban doctor as he witnesses our culture for the first time are especially entertaining. Another winner from the author of The Pope of Greenwich Village and Family Business.

The President's Astrologer by Barbara Shafferman

Llewellyn Publications, December 1998.
Trade Paperback, 374 pages.
ISBN: 0345412451.
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The President's Astrologer
by Barbara Shafferman In Washington D.C., in the year 2006, 37 year old Addie Price is happy with her life. She's making a good living as an astrologer, when she gets summoned to the White House. The president asks her to give up her practice to become his personal astrologer. Of course, she has to keep the relationship top secret. After doing readings for the President and some of his top aides and opponents, it becomes obvious to Addie that someone wants the President dead, and that the conspiracy is broader than anyone suspects. It is up to Addie to find out the source and details of the conspiracy against the President and convince the people that matter of the danger at hand.

First-time novelist Barbara Shafferman, an accredited astrologer herself, weaves a spellbinding tale of action, romance and a touch of science fiction with The President's Astrologer. Addie is a likeable and unusual heroine put in a situation which calls to mind the revelations that former First Lady Nancy Reagan consulted an astrologer about important decisions during her time in the White House. Although the plot veers off towards the fantastic toward the end of the book, it remains a lighthearted, quick read which lovers of romantic suspense and of astrology are sure to enjoy.

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