Johnny Depp Gets His Own Book Imprint at HarperCollins

Posted on October 16, 2012

Johnny Depp just got his own book imprint. HarperCollins is launching the new imprint which is called Infinitum Nihil. That is the same name as Depp's little known production company. In Latin, the phrase "Nihil infinitum est" means "nothing is infinite" or "nothing lasts forever" and is usually attributed to the Roman writer, historian and oratory expert Seneca the Elder.

In a release, HarperCollins says that the imprint will reflect Depp's diverse interests and passions and will be "a home for authentic, outspoken, and visionary ideas and voices, from authors both celebrated and unsung." The first book from the line is The Unraveled Tales of Bob Dylan by New York Times bestselling author Douglas Brinkley. The book is based on exclusive interviews with Dylan and archival research. Harper says the book will set the record straight about many issues about the singer songwriter.

Brinkley says, "Johnny and I thought the Dylan book was the ideal way to inaugurate the Infinitum Nihil series. Bob has been very warm and forthcoming with us. His music has inspired us both deeply since we were teenagers."

In January 2013, the imprint will release the never before published novel by Woody Guthrie called House of Earth. Finished in 1947, the novel follows the trials and hardships of people living in the Texas Panhandle dudring the Depression.

Depp had this to say about the new project: "I pledge, on behalf of Infinitum Nihil, that we will do our best to deliver publications worthy of peoples' time, of peoples' concern. Publications that might ordinarily never have breached the parapet. For this dream realized, we would like to salute HarperCollins for their faith in us and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship together."

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