John Marco and The Sword of Angels

Posted on August 30, 2005

Patricia Kitchen of Newsday has an interesting article about why so many people say they long to write a book, but so few people ever achieve their writing goals. In the article, fantasy author John Marco (The Jackal of Nar) shares his secrets for finding the time to write that first novel.

Marco advises people to hang on to their day jobs. Marco kept going as a technical writer while he was writing his novel.

Marco also says, "It's not about becoming a superstar author. First and foremost, it's about writing, and if you truly want to be a writer, you know that in your heart."

John's new release is The Sword of Angels (DAW), an epic fantasy which follows The Devil's Armor, which not only is a great example of the skillfully-executed, absorbing epic fantasy, but also has a really great cover. Clearly, Marco has exercised some kind of dark Akari magic to get the kind of awesome book covers most fantasy authors could only dream of. You can read our interview with John Marco here. And we really want that wicked-looking armor for Halloween.

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