James Patterson's House of Robots to be Animated Web Series

Posted on November 23, 2014

House of Robots by James Patterson

James Patterson has a new book coming out called House of Robots which is already getting its own five part animated web series. The book follows the adventures of Sammy, a fifth grader whose life is turned upside down by his genius mom's new robot.

Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez is not the coolest boy in school, not by a long shot. He's trying hard do fit in and make friends, but when his mother insists he bring the robot to school with him, things get crazy. Sammy calls the robot "E" -- for Error. Sammy lives in a house full of robots, but this one is different. It thinks its Sammy's brother and is determined to help him. But all of E's efforts are a disaster.

Collective Digital Studio is creating the webs series which will debut on the Fred Youtube channel on Friday, November 28. 2014. Think of it as Black Friday counterprogramming. Each new episode will air on Fridays.

The book version of House of Robots was co-written with Chris Grabenstein, who also worked with Patterson on the I, Funny and Treasure Hunters series. The book has illustrations by Juliana Neufeld, who also did the art for the Treasure Hunter series. The book is published by Little Brown Books for Young Readers and hits bookshelves tomorrow.

Here is the book trailer:

Photo: Hachette

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