Jackassworld to Build Community Around Jackass Films

Posted on March 13, 2008

The world really didn't need the Jackass movies: Jackass, Jackass Number Two and Jackass 2.5. That was plenty. But now NMA.co.uk reports that there is an entire world centered around Jackass called Jackassworld.

TV Networks, Paramount Digital Entertainment and Dickhouse Productions have launched Jackassworld.com as a global destination for all Jackass content.

The international roll out follows the success of the US site and will now be available in more than 30 languages and launches in UK, Italy and Spain from today, with Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands and the Nordic territories to follow.

One of the stars of Jackass recently found himself in trouble. Stars getting into trouble may not be the kind of thing that hurts this brand. The goal of jackassworld.com is to build a community and social network around the content from the films.

Gideon Bierer, senior vice-president at MTV Networks International, said in a statement, "The Jackassworld community engages and connects these audiences worldwide with a deeper experience, allowing fans to relive favourite moments, explore behind-the-scenes footage and unprecedented access to the cast."

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