Here Come the Blogarazzi

Posted on June 23, 2005

There are already lots of popular celebrity blogs. Go Fug Yourself, The Superficial and Defamer are just of few of the numerous celebrity-related blogs. But the coverage of celebrities might escalate with the addition of >mobile blogging. Over the past few months several blogging tools have launched that allow pictures taken with a camera phone to be almost instantly posted to a blog. These tools could easily be used by bloggers to rapidly post celebrity photographs. Large numbers of mobile bloggers could quickly become a nuisance to celebrities. The Southern China Post has anarticle about how bloggers could get their own paparazzi photos on the web before they even appear in print:

The next wave in blogging - the mobile handset - is turning phone-wielding celebrity chasers into bona fide paparazzi.

Since Hutchison launched mobile blogging services at its British operations last month, star-struck 3G users have discovered a new pastime: the candid celebrity photo.

"Our customers are embracing the chance to become paparazzi, sharing images and clips of celebrities straightaway, well before paparazzi photos appear in the papers," said 3 UK marketing director Graeme Oxby.

Celebrities often complain about the paparrazi as it exists today. Add dozens or hundreds of blogarazzi and you have a very overwhelmed celebrity. Unless, of course, the celebrity wants a picture -- then it is easier than ever.

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