Subscriber Counts Jump as Google Releases Feed Suscriber Data

Posted on February 17, 2007

Thanks to new numbers from Google Reader we may be able to answer TechCrunch's question about just how big Google Reader is from a few weeks. It appears that Google Reader already has a good percentage of the news reader marketshare. A few bloggers were caught by surprise when their subscriber counts jumped this morning.

Google only just announced yesterday that they would be starting to report subscriber accounts for Google Reader and the Google personalized homepage. Some bloggers using Feedburner seem to be reporting subscriber jumps of anywhere from 15% to 50%.

Trader Mike has a good roundup of some of the Google Reader numbers bloggers are reporting.

It looks like Google Reader's marketshare is still less than Bloglines but it is a big surprise that Google Reader is already as close as they are to the leading web-based news reader.

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